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Now He Sings, Now He Sobs  Transcriptions from Chick Corea's famous 1968 trio recording. Transcribed by Bill Dobbins. $19.95
Oscar Peterson Trios  Authentic note-for-note transcriptions. $24.95

   The world of Jazz Piano is filled with many great artists. Our products and links offer you some of the finest sources to shop online for jazz piano music. Whether you are looking for stride piano jazz or small combo, if the cd or sheet music is available you should find it here. Besides jazz piano artists you will also find vocal and instrumental artists. Solo, small group or big band from before the swing era to the present.

   Please search our jazz piano sheet music sources to find books for beginner thru advanced. If you are studying improvisation you can develop and improve your improvising abilities with the use of play along cd's. The Jamey Aebersold series is a great choice. These books and play alongs are for piano and other instruments. Shop below for sheet music.

Jamey Aebersold at Sheet Music Plus. Get these popular jazz books and play alongs now!
Click Here! - Jazz Piano For Beginners. An affordable book for anyone wanting to develop their skills. $14.95
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   What is it about Jazz? It has something no other style of music has. In fact many of the other styles such as rock, blues, country and classical simply do not have what jazz has. Swing! 

   You may ask, what is that? Swing is a certain rhythm. All other types of music use straight eighth notes, but with swing the 8th's are slightly spread, like a triplet rhythm. This spread creates a unique feel that only jazz players use. That feel usually comes natural to a person. But, I believe it can be learned by anyone who likes the style and is willing to practice.

   When I was young, I studied classical piano music and listened to rock and roll(the 60's). Around age ten I heard my first jazz tune. I did not understand it , but I liked it. To play jazz music I had to study it and develop my swing feel.

   Unless you are a natural (meaning you were born with it), jazz theory can be very complex, just like the music. And you must SWING! Without that some players say it ain't jazz. And I believe they are right.

   Jazz improvisation without swing may be following the theory, but without that swing feel, it's just not quite right. Unless you start swinging!

We offer you a large selection of sheet music, and CD's.

Below you will find some great books to help you learn to improvise for piano and all instruments. To improve your swing feel listen to as many cd's as you can.

Joey DeFrancesco's Concepts For Improvisation  If  you want to greatly improve your jazz piano improvisation skills, get this book. Never mind that it's also for Hammond B-3 organ. Joey's instruction will do you good! Study hard.