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Sell a Piano - Free - All Cities and States

We Buy Steinway Grands!

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You no longer have to ask, where can I sell my piano? Selling a piano is not that hard. If you have a piano for sale please contact us by phone or email. We will post your piano on it's very own page. Or on a page with the same brands or models. For instance, all Kimball verticals will be placed on a Kimball vertical piano page.

Give us a complete description of your piano. Dimensions = Height-Width-Depth for an Upright. Length-Width for a Grand. Age. Name and model number. If it has a bench, and a clear picture. The picture must not be larger in size than 400px X 400px. If possible please make the photo's file size no larger than 25 to 50kb. If you use an attachment for security purposes we do not open all email attachments. If you send an attachment we may or may not open it. If not, we will run your ad but without a picture.

Also include the amount that you want for the instrument. And include your first name and phone number. We accept ads from all cities and states. So it is important that you tell us your city and state where the piano is being sold. Most likely you will sell a piano locally. Although occasionally with more expensive instruments you can sometimes get an out of state buyer. We offer this service for free. We do however ask you to make a small donation.

This is optional. Your donation however is greatly appreciated since it helps cover our time and effort in building your page and placing your free ad. You can donate now or wait til after you sell your piano to make a donation. There is a donation button below on this page. When you sell your piano please notify us so that we will mark your piano as sold and remove your phone number. Remember, if you do not notify us, we will not know if you have sold your instrument.

Call us at 901-827-3609 or send an email to: sellmypiano@thepianotickler.com

We Buy Steinway Grands

Again, Here Is What You Need To Send Us:

1. Name of piano and serial number (Usually located inside under the top) to find the age
2. City and state where it is located
3. Photo ( If possible-If not I can still run the description, but a photo is good to have in the ad)
4. Your first name and phone number for the ad
5. Height, width and depth of the piano if it's a vertical. Length and width if it's a grand piano
6. Any short history and service records that you have on the piano
7. The price that you want for it
8. Tell me if it has a bench

Even if you are giving it away we will post a free piano page. Some people are happy just to see their instrument being adopted into a musical home! Thank you from: The Piano Tickler.com     sellmypiano@thepianotickler.com

We recommand caution if you would rather use your email in your ad. Do not open attachments. Do not click on any links. Even if they look safe. Replying to an email may or may not be safe so be cautious of hackers and fraud. Bottom line. Anyone wanting to buy your piano will need to call you on the phone. For that reason you may just want to put a phone number in the ad.

Where Else Can I sell My Piano?

If you are in the Memphis Tn area

call us. We buy Yamaha, Kawai

and Steinway pianos.

Other places where you might be able to sell your piano are:

1. To a neighbor or close friend: Word of mouth is a great way to pass on a piano.

2. To a music store: Depending on what brand or type of instrument you have, this may be the quickest way to sell it. The down side is that most of the time a dealer will offer much less than you might get from an individual. But if you really need a quick sale this might be the way to go.

3. Put an ad in your local newspaper: If the price is low, it may sell quick. Sometimes not. If the price is high, most likely it won't sell very quick. Remember, placing an ad anywhere will mean showing your piano to strangers. With the possibility that you may have to show it many times before ot sells.

4. Craigslist: A free online service. Again be careful of fraud. Some people on the internet have a lot of sneaky tricks.

5. Garage sale: This will most likely bring the least amount of money. So if you must get rid of the piano quickly ask a very low price. If you pulled it out into your driveway, tell them to get it quickly, or you will not be held responsible if it gets rained on. If a storm does come up you may want to be nice and cover it with a tarp. And tie it down. A little water on the legs and sides may not hurt, but if it gets wet inside. It's garbage.

6. To a piano tuner: Call John at 901-827-3609. I prefer a direct phone call when buying.

7. Lastly: If you are selling your home, then try to sell your piano to the person buying your home. You still may not get the amount that you wanted, but if the house is sold and your piano is not, then at least it's worth a try! Having to move it will cost you more.

Pianos don't sell as fast as they used to. There are so many of them around. Some for free. Read our history of the piano page (the American history part) to understand a little more about this. Now on the other hand sometimes you may sell your piano right away. We all hope so! Good luck.

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