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Tuning a Baldwin Piano in Memphis TN
Call John Aldinger At 901-827-3609 For Tuning & Repairs
I service all of Memphis, Tn, Germantown, Collierville, Lakeland, Bartlett, Arlington, West Memphis, upper Northern Ms. Also Tipton and Fayette counties.

I have been tuning pianos, old and new since 1976. In home concert tuning, repairs and restoration are my speciality.

Churches, schools, teachers, musicians and concert promoters are also welcome to call. I have tuned for many world famous musicians.

And if you are wondering. I do not use an electronic tuning device. I tune strictly by ear!

Piano tuning prices in Shelby County start at $185. Concert event prices start at $275.

A pitch raise is more and pianos that have not been serviced for many years may run a little higher.

Tuning price outside of Shelby Co. starts at $195 and up.

Repairs are extra. This includes sticking keys, broken strings (those already broken and any that break

during tuning), plus all other broken parts and any regluing.

I cannot give complete repair prices unless I see the instrument. An estimate or appraisal in Shelby Co. is $99.

An estimate outside of Shelby Co. starts at $120 and up. Out of county prices will depend on mileage.

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