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Portable Keyboards
Yamaha YPT-410 61-Key Portable Keyboard Yamaha YPT-410 61-Key Portable Keyboard  $199.00             Ships Free
Casio CTK-5000 61-Key Portable Keyboard Casio CTK-5000 61-Key Portable Keyboard  $199.99            Ships Free
Casio CTK-2100 61-Key Portable Piano Casio CTK-2100 61-Key Portable Piano  $99.99                     Ships Free
Yamaha EZ-200 Portable Keyboard Yamaha EZ-200 Portable Keyboard  $199.99                              Ships Free
Casio CTK-3000 61-Key Portable Keyboard Casio CTK-3000 61-Key Portable Keyboard  $129.99              Ships Free
Casio CTK-4000 61-Key Portable Keyboard Casio CTK-4000 61-Key Portable Keyboard  $149.99       Ships Free
Yamaha PSR-OR700 Portable Keyboard Yamaha PSR-OR700 Portable Keyboard  $1299.99               Ships Free
Check Out Our Digital Piano Page
Digital pianos and electronic or electric keyboards, sometimes referred to as a synthesizer or synth, are basically the same thing.Digital pianos are geared toward real piano players, and usually have 88 keys. Some models come with 76 keys. They also normally contain only a handful of other sounds in them such as organ, strings, harpsicord, plus maybe flute. Although the home models and many portables will contain a lot more sounds.

   A digital action is touch sensitive, thus making them more like a real piano. Touch sensitive means if you strike a key lightly the sound will be soft, and if you strike a key harder the sound will be louder. Most of the newer digital pianos and keyboards also have weighted keys which helps create a heavier feel. This is a good thing since the plastic key by itself is much too light to create a good feel.

   Professional and amateur rock musicians may refer to a digital keyboard as a synthesizer. The word synthesizer means an electronic devise that imitates the sound of instruments and voices. This of course means that all digital keyboards are synthesizers. They are usually built with dozens or even hundreds of different sounds onboard, and may only have 61 keys.

   For musicians who only play in bands, 61 keys is usually enough. The 61 note models may or may not be touch sensitive. Those who are taking piano lessons should get a digital board that has 88 keys, and is touch sensitive. 61 keys is not enough for a student.

   It seems a lot of people are not fond of digital electronic keyboards. With the sound coming thru a set of speakers there is not the warmth or presence that a real piano has. But I must say that modern technology has brought digital boards a long way in recent years.

   Current models in all brands definitely sound and play very good, with some being better than others. And the price tag is much lower than a real piano. As the price of pianos keeps on rising an electronic keyboard is becoming more and more attractive to those on a budget. And let me say right here, there ain't nothing like a real piano, but an electronic keyboard / synthesizer / digital piano is an excellent alternative.

We hope you have found the electronic keyboard, synthesizer or workstation that you want. You can email us at info@thepianotickler.com if there is a certain digital piano or keyboard that you want. Let us know what it is and if we can find it we will post it on this page within 2 or 3 days.

We will be adding more Yamaha electronic keyboards. They have the largest selection of products. Also watch for more Roland keyboards plus Korg, Kurzweil, Suzuki and Casio keyboards & synthesizers. You can also search for amps and accessories.