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Yamaha p95 Digital Piano with Weighted Action - 88 Key Digital Piano

Grand Piano, Electric Piano and More

Easy To use Buttons - 50 On Board Piano Songs

Has Removable Sheet Music Rack

Two Headphone Jacks - Can Be used for External Speakers or an Amplifier

Yamaha P-95 Digital Piano Review

Since I do own a Yamaha p95 digital piano, I have to say that for the money it's a good purchase. Most digital keyboards nowdays that offer at least a good enough playing experience start at prices around 5 or 6 hundred. As for the sound and feel of the P95 it's not bad. To get a better touch and overall piano quality sound, you must spend at least twice as much money.

A CP-33 for instance does play and sound better. But if you can't or don't want to spend more than around five hundred dollars, then the Yamaha P-95 is basically about the best you can get. Yamaha really does compete well in all price ranges. I use this keyboard mainly for practice at home. Although you can use it for playing a gig, solo or with a band.

The double headphone jacks allow you to run into 2 powered speakers or to a PA or keyboard amp. Now of course the board has it's own speakers, but they don't sound quite as good as most external speakers. EQ will have to be done on the speakers or amplifier. If you don't like the little square damper device that comes with it, it will be neccessary to buy a full size piano type damper pedal. And if one needs to read sheet music, the removable music rack is very wide and sturdy.

You can even clip a small light to it. The lite weight of this keyboard makes it extremely portable. Overall, this is a very decent user friendly digital piano for basic practice and lite duty use. If one feels that they must have the best or near best Yamaha then go ahead and spend $1000 or more on a top of the line pro board. But I feel confident that the average person will be  pleased with the p95.

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