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              CP-33 Yamaha Digital Piano

Yamaha CP-33 Stage Piano  Click on image

The Yamaha CP-33 Stage Piano is a fantastic portable digital piano, especially for its modest price. It boasts 88 weighted keys with graded hammer effect, 28 voices including 3-layer piano samples, sustain half-pedaling, and 2 effects processors. It has MIDI in/out and USB for computer connectivity, and 64-voice polyphony. Like all fine instruments, the CP series keyboards simply beg to be played. Sit down with one, and the instrument becomes an extension of your hands and your musical imagination. The authentic piano voices and rich expressiveness come alive at your touch, and the sound is big enough to blast through a full band onstage yet nuanced enough to work magic in an intimate club. Expressive power. Yamaha's extensive experience in crafting fine acoustic pianos was key in creating the ultimate in portable digital pianos. Yamaha's advanced Graded Hammer Effect (GHE) action gives all keys an authentic resistance that increases from the top register to the lower just as on an actual acoustic piano. Which means that you can naturally pound out thunderous low notes with your left hand and let the fingers on your right dance and fly with the high notes. This electronic keyboard practically plays itself, working with you not against you and brings out the very best in your performance. Crafting the authentic sound of the CP digital piano series involved extraordinary attention to detail. Yamaha used meticulously recorded stereo samples of top-quality instruments, taken at various playing strengths, and included subtle elements such as Stereo Sustain (open strings while pedaling), and even Key-Off Samples (recordings of felt dampers coming to rest on vibrating piano strings) providing the most authentic sounding and finely nuanced acoustic piano voices possible. There's also a wide variety of other dynamic sounds, including vintage electric piano, organ, guitar, strings, and much more. Stay in control as master keyboard controllers in the CP-33 stage piano lets you take command of your gear. Play and control external synthesizers and tone generators (such as the MOTIF-RACK ES) during your performance. Assign different internal voices to different sections of the keyboard or even create complex, multi-textured layers of sound. There are two instrument Zones on the Yamaha CP33 digital piano, with dedicated Zone sliders on the panel that let you easily tweak the level of each instrument as you play. You can also freely reassign the sliders and wheels to control other sonic characteristics of the connected gear as desired, such as sound attack, decay, brightness and filter cutoff. Step out front and make your presence known. The CP-33 has a special Mono Piano sound, complete with a compression effect, designed specifically for live performance. It has the punch and power to stand out, even in full band situations. Lock it up onstage. You need to make sure everything goes smoothly. Sometimes an errant hand (yours or someone else's) can touch the panel controls and mess up your settings. Despite its full 88-key keyboard, realistic grand piano sound and extensive features, the Yamaha portable digital piano - CP33 is exceptionally compact and light. It goes wherever you go, sets up anywhere you need, and gives you complete piano performance everywhere you play. Click on the above image or link to view all features.

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