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Salt Lake City, Utah and Other Cities

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Astin Weight is the only Piano factory in Utah

Donald Weight and Raymond Astin founded the company in 1956 but didn't start making their instruments until 1959. Annual production from 59' till the mid 1990's was only about a thousand pianos. Then for about 5 years they made around 2000 per year. Since then it's been back to 1000 a year or less.

Although at the moment they may only be making a limited number of pianos due to factory damage. Plus new sales for all brands have been down lately, so it's not probable that current production (2012) will be as much as previous years. But you never know, although new Astin-Weights are quite expensive. Used prices may greatly vary.

These instruments have had an oversized soundboard since around the late 1960's. On the 50" verticals this board covers the entire back of the piano, there are no back posts, so they have a huge full perimeter metal plate for all support. The soundboard area of their grands is also supposed to be larger. This larger board creates a much louder sound than other pianos. This obviously gives the Astin Weight a noticeably different tone. I am aware that this different tone is greatly liked by some and disliked by others.

The console size is no longer made, and they build very few of the 5' 9" grands. Consoles in general are not as popular on the new market as they used to be. New studios and grands in all makes have become more sought-after. Although over the years Astin Weight has probably made a good many 41" consoles. A new Astin-Weight comes with an impressive twenty five year warranty. This site deals with just the used ones so of course the guarantee will not matter unless you find a used one at a dealer who offers their own limited warranty.

And whether you purchase yours from an individual or a store I recommend to have it tuned first. The tuner can tell you if everything is in good condition, plus a freshly tuned Astin-Weight will give a clear idea of how they really should sound. This is important because an out of tune instrument will sound muddy and not display the rich beautiful tone as it should be.

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