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Kingsbury Upright Piano for sale. $100 or best offer. Piano is 54 inches high, depth is 28 inches and width is 5 feet. Bench Included. Lovely mirror across the upper portion. Not sure of age, but probably at least 60 years old. Located in Torrance, California about 20 miles from Los Angeles. Call Lorri at 310-749-5997.
Kingsbury Mirror Upright Piano
Kingsbury Mirror Upright Piano
Torrance is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County about 20 miles from Los Angeles, California. Torrance covers about one and a half miles of beach on the Pacific ocean. It has a moderate warm climate year round with low humidity and sea breezes. This sounds like a good place to own a piano. A piano flares best in moderate temperatures with lower humidity. As long as moisture from the sea does not get to it. High moisture and humidity can literally destroy a piano when mixed with dry heat from season to season. Keeping your piano in an air conditioned room is definitely a good idea unless the outside temp stays around 70 or below. And again if the humidity level is low then that's also good. This is true for both upright and grand pianos. The next most important thing to do for any piano is to have it tuned once or twice a year for the life of the instrument.
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Mirror upright pianos were an invention of local piano technicians thru-out the United States starting back in the 1950's. And possibly as early as the 1940's. The idea was to take an older full size upright piano and place a mirror across the upper portion where the top used to lay across. The mirrors are about 7 inches tall and span the width of the instrument. The original top was removed and cut down to fit horizontally under and in front of the mirror. The remaining portion was sometimes used to replace the original music desk.

And the mirror faced the player or out to the room. Of course these pianos were tall enough so that the musician when seated usually was not looking straight into the mirror. Although this fact was probably not an issue to the piano tuner modifying the piano. The main reason of this change was really more for the purpose of creating a new design considered to be a modernization of the old piano. The mirror supposedly made the instrument look shorter. And to appear newer or more modern than it really was. And of course it usually had to have a new finish or a major touching up of the old finish.

The tuners also would perform a reconditioning of the action inside the piano. Such as replacing broken parts and felts. This was good since most of these older instruments usually needed fixing up in order to again be useful as a practice piano. Depending on the ability or skills in woodworking and refinishing of the technicians who modified these mirror uprights, some looked better than others. Plus sometimes the legs were changed and sometimes not. And some tuners would place a new or slightly used spinet music rack on the music desk.

For a period of time, maybe 25 or 30 years, these upright pianos held a place in the piano after market. This brought in an extra income for all those piano tuners who created these mirror uprights. They were the brainchild of independent piano technicians and not piano dealers. Although dealers might take them in on trade. Piano stores prefer to sell new or slightly used pianos. As those older piano techs died off the days of creating the mirror upright pianos were soon over. The Kingsbury Piano for sale at the top of this page is a very good example. The finish is still in good condition. The newer legs look good, and definitely help make the instrument appear more modern. The spinet music rack also looks great.

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