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Steinway Grand For Sale - Ebony Model M
Black Steinway grand piano made in 1915. Model M - 5' 7". This instrument was rebuilt about 5 years ago. The price is $19,000. Located in Freehold, New Jersey. 40 miles south of Newark NJ. Call 917-846-0320 or 917-816-3889 to view this wonderful piano made in the heyday of America's great piano industry.
Beautiful Steinway Grand Piano for sale in Freehold New Jersey

Inside View of a Steinway Grand Piano Model M on sale in NJ.

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Thousands of Steinway M grand pianos have been built and sold since this model was introduced over 100 years ago. Truely one of Steinway's finest models. Let's hope that many many more thousands will be crafted. The future of the American piano industry is in the hands of companies like Steinway.

Since the mid 1800's thousands of world class pianists have presented their great talent on Steinway grand pianos. At least 90% of the concert pianists of the world perform on Steinways. Not just classical musicians but also jazz and pop performers enjoy the magnificent sound and feel of these pianos.

Steinway has maintained a very high level of quality and craftsmanship since their beginning. There are over 100 patented features found in these instruments including the Diaphragmatic soundboard and the Accelerated Action.

The grands take at least one year to produce and contain over 12,000 parts. The model M at 5 foot seven inches long is their next to smallest sized grand. Even though at 5' 7" it can still be referred to as a "baby grand piano", there is nothing baby about this piano.

It can and does perform and sound as good as some of the larger sizes. I believe the model M is the sweetest sounding of all the grands. The price of a brand new M is nearly $60,000. And it's worth every penny.

The Steinway M was first introduced in 1911. The length is five feet seven inches long and the width is about 4' 6". Available colors are usually Mahogany, Walnut and Ebony. Although some special edition Steinways might have some other type of veneers.

This is definitely one of the greatest grand pianos ever built.

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