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Plastic with a slot on the bushed end of elbows for easy installation. Just push it on to the center pin. 1-7/16" overall height. Price shown here is for a set of 90 elbows, which is all you need to do 88 notes. These snap on plastic elbows are usually clear plastic.

Here are some instructions for those who have never done a snap on elbow replacement. This part is only found on spinet pianos which have what is called a "drop action". You must remove the music desk( the casing part that holds the music rack) and the bottom board (which is the large panel behind the pedals). If parts other than the elbows are missing or broken, you should call a piano technician. Also the bridal straps, some or all, could be broken. This job is not included in these instructions. Broken bridal straps would have an effect on the out come of this elbow replacement. Only a qualified tech should do strap replacements.

Look inside the piano under the key bed. You should see some broken elbows. It is not likely that all 88 will be broken, but it is possible. Using a standard pair of needle nose pliers grab the old unbroken elbows in the center with just the very TIP OF THE PLIERS. Now squeeze. The old elbow should split apart. Remember this is 50 or 60 year old plastic. It tends to grow weak and crystallize with age. If it does not break at first, keep trying. CAUTION: A few may have already been replaced. Not all replacements are clear plastic! Some older replacements may be an off white color! New or newer plastic snap on elbows WILL NOT EASILY BREAK using pliers. Look at them carefully and decide. You may leave the newer ones and just replace the old ones.

All of the old broken elbows will now be hanging down from the whippen(the main part of the action which holds the plastic elbow). Carefully bust away the remaining part of the elbow. If a piece remains around the center pin(the small round metal pin inside the whippen that the slotted end of the elbow hooks onto), use the tip of your pliers and squeeze in a vertical position to break away this small piece. DO NOT ROTATE OR TWIST YOUR PLIERS SIDE TO SIDE! This might crack the whippen, and you do not want that to happen. In short , do not put any pressure against the wood whippen at all! Use a small straight blade screw driver to carefully push out any plastic residue or red felt trapped behind the center pin.

Now stand up and look inside your piano at the end of the keys. Lift out the sticker(the long metal rod). Break away the old plastic that you see on one end. Remove plastic residue from the threads with your finger nail. Grip the sticker with a full size pair of pliers. Now thread the new plastic elbow onto the sticker(metal rod). Slip it back onto the end of the key. Get back underneath the key bed and while holding or supporting the whippen from the rear( DO NOT SQUEEZE THE WHIPPEN FROM UNDERNEATH. THIS MAY CRACK IT.) carefully push the slotted end of the elbow onto the center pin. If it does not want to go on easy, pull the sticker out and spread the bushing in the slot with a small screw driver or knife(do not cut the felt), and replace. In order to make the key play properly you may now have to adjust the round button that hooks the sticker to the end of the key. I always lift the sticker up out of the key and hold it with one hand while turing the button with my other hand when I make this adjustment. Turn the button with your fingers to adjust. DO NOT USE PLIERS TO ADJUST THE BUTTON BECAUSE IT MAY CRUSH OR BREAK! Check for lost motion and hammer alignment. You have just installed your first set of Vagias snap on drop lifter elbows for spinet pianos.

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