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Beautiful 1880 Bosendorfer grand piano for sale in Skopje, Macedonia. This antique Bosendorfer piano has serial number FNS 9335 from the factory. Very rare because of it's size. Length is 2.4m. Height is 0.95m. And width is 1.4m.

It is a mahogany finish with wonderful carvings and carved candle holders. It was last tuned about 5 years ago and needs some work on the ebony and ivory keys. To learn more and to see this Bosendorfer grand please call Ana at 0038970 328 427 or email: ana@yellowpages.com.mk

Sale Price is $35,000
Bosendorfer Piano Company was started in 1828 in Vienna Austria. They are famous throughout the world and 90% of their pianos are exported. In 1966 Bosendorfer was bought by Kimball Piano Corp. in America and later sold to an Austrian company.

It is not known how many Bosendorfer grands and uprights are in Skopje Macedonia. Total annual production of the company is only around three hundred pianos. Looking at serial numbers over the 183 years that they have been in business indicates that many years production was sometimes only about a hundred or less.

On the other hand some years during the Kimball ownership as many as 800 may have been made! This was probably due to the fact that Kimball was a very aggresive company in the US and maybe abroad. Their sales reps placed Bosendorfer piano dealerships in many American cities. This fact helped to make Bosendorfer more famous.
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Skopje, Macedonia is the capital of The Republic of Macedonia. It is also the largest city in Macedonia. Population is around 670,000. Located in the center of the Balkins the summers are hot and humid. Winters are cold, wet and often snowy. Pianos are affected by all temperature changes. Hot and humid has the opposite effect than cold and wet or cold and dry. Always keep your instrument out of direct sunlight and away from a fireplace, heater or heating vent. If a region is very humid all you can do is run the air conditioner as cold as possible. Some high humidity will get to it anyway. Dryness can be controlled with a humidifier. So no matter where you are in the world the elements will get to your Bosendorfer grand piano or any other piano. With certain ones being more affected than others.
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