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Kimball Grand Piano For Sale in Springville Alabama

This Kimball grand piano is 4' 8" and was made in 1919. It was restored about 25 years ago. This pretty little grand is only $4500. It is located in Springville Alabama approximately 30 miles from Birmingham, Alabama. Call for an appointment to see and play this nice Kimball grand piano. Randy 205-937-7925

Your living room would look great with a small grand piano. Pianos just seem to add so much to the appearance of any room. Well, maybe not the bathroom. Most likely it would not fit anyway. Although I have seen a piano in a kitchen! Maybe that's one way to keep an eye on your child while they practice.

Plus pre dinner practice time may be a good idea. But other than that putting a piano in a kitchen is not a very good idea. The heat from cooking is not good for your instrument. Not to mention the possibility of food and grease getting on the finish. And by the way, the piano I saw in that kitchen was a spinet, not a grand.

The dining room may be the second most popular place to put a piano. The bedroom may be the 3rd in choice for placement. Again these rooms may only hold a small vertical piano. Sometimes even a smaller grand will not fit well in a bedroom.

Those who don't like their instrument stick it in a garage. And if they really hate it, some put it on the street. Isn't that awful!! Let us go back to the living room. Try to keep your baby grand away from sun and heat. Of course this is true for uprights to.

Sunlight from a window or door should not be allowed to shine on your instrument. Likewise heat from a fireplace or central vent should not be near it. Really it's just not a good idea to put a piano in a room with a fire place. And if a heating vent is near by, then move the piano or shut off the vent.

I must admit that quite often a baby grand piano does look great in some windows in a living room. The Kimball and Wurlitzer piano companies made some of the smallest grands in the history of piano making. A 4' 8" Kimball grand piano looks wonderful no matter where you place it. But please, not in the kitchen!!

The Kimball Piano Company was one of the oldest piano companies in the US. They shut down their piano line in 1996. Afterwards there was a plan to start some production in China. We are not sure at this time if that has ever happened. We can not find any reports that suggest that any Kimball grand or upright pianos are being made in China.

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