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Place A Free Ad To Give Away a Free Piano in Memphis Tn and all Other Cities and States. Send an Email to:
If you have a piano to give away just send us a picture, dimensions of the piano, it's brand name, and your contact info. Just a cell phone number will do. Please tell us your city and state. 

If the photo is to much trouble or will cost you anything then just send the other info. Your free ad will be put up within 2 days.

Free pianos seem to be more plentiful than ever. One reason is that sometimes people will at first try to get a price for their instrument. After awhile maybe it just does not sell for some reason. Then maybe they run out of patience or time or both.

Now they just want to get it out of the house. Lucky for you! Now there's a FREE piano setting on the street. So you grab that thing and drag it in. And I do mean DRAG. Pianos ain't light. Just do your best not to bust anything off. Legs, wheels, music rack, etc.

As you huff and puff keep on telling yourself. I'TS FREE! Just one more block and you will be home. Please before you get any further, look behind to see if any parts fell off. Now are you starting to feel like Laurel & Hardy?

Are you now thinking: I should have called a piano mover. But then that would cost money. And that would defeat the reason for getting a free piano. There are a lot of free pianos in Memphis Tn and all other US cities. Some are thrown out under distress. 

Now don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that you are under distress and must get rid of your instrument. But, the fact is, sometimes people really are under distress and must get rid of their piano.

Many pianos have been left with the home when the owner sold the house but not the piano. Because of the weight and/or the cost of moving the instrument a choice must be made. I have even seen some nice grand pianos that were left with the house.

Most of the time the free piano is a spinet or an old upright. While these instruments do still have some value, that value has dropped quite a lot in recent years. In some retail markets such as Memphis these older pianos are being junked left and right by music dealers.

Not to mention that surely a certain number that are sent to the street will end up in the dump. It's sort of like throw away pianos. Never thought I'd see that in my 35+ years as a piano tuner. But in this world things do change. It's now 2011. Can't wait to see what will happen over the next 10 years.

So please hurry up and get your free piano, or place a free ad. Some day they will all be gone!  

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