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Custom Made Bass For Sale in Memphis, Tenn.
Great playing bass guitar made in Memphis TN

This instrument is set up really well and plays excellent. It was built in Memphis, Tennessee about one and a half years ago using Lindy Fralin pickups and Warmoth parts in the body and neck and a bone nut.

A Precision copy, it actually plays better than the Fender bass. A hard shell case is included. The owner of this cool instrument is selling this bass because he has more basses than he can ever play. Call Scott at 901-324-8389. Price - $1200
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We look forward to hearing from all Memphis bass guitar players and owners with a bass for sale. Also anyone in any other city can get a free ad.
Is it true Memphis bass players have more fun? I know that I used to get a lot of enjoyment out of playing the bass guitar. Now I'm not sure if playing in Memphis is any more fun than anywhere else, but it could be. A bunch of bands and bass players have come and gone over the years.

I started playing keyboard back in the 60's in high school garage bands. Back then I never thought that "garage band" would someday represent a certain sound as opposed to the place in which you are actually practicing in. It's like making history.

Speaking of history, did you know that the electric bass guitar was invented in the 1930's by Paul Tutmarc in Seattle Washington. Later, around 1951 Fender marketed the Precision bass and then their jazz bass came out in 1960. I greatly enjoyed playing a Fender Jazz bass that I borrowed for a while.

I stopped playing keyboard for a while in the 1980's and took up the bass. I owned a couple of Kramer basses that were really nice. There's nothing like a good grooving bassline. Now I'm back on the keyboard. And loving it too.

But maybe, bass players do have more fun.

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