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Search Below To Find a Used Wurlitzer Piano For Sale. Plus a Short History and Review.
Wurlitzer Studio Size: Excellent condition. This piano is in a church in Southaven, MS. $600. Call Jeff at 662-349-0216.


Wurlitzer Spinet: Pecan wood in great shape. $250. See in Olive Branch, Ms. Talk to Charlotte at 770-597-7602


Wurlitzer Piano History and Review
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Piano Company was established in 1856 in New York. Over the years they had plants in NY, Cincinnati, Dekalb, Holy Springs and Corinth MS. They also made pianos under the names Apollo, Julius Bauer, Melville Clark, Kingston, Kurtzmann and the Student Butterfly which was a tiny version of their famous and exotic Butterfly Grand. Although the larger Butterfly grand had the Wurlitzer name on it.

All of the original US factories have been closed for many years. From 1990 until 2001 the Baldwin Piano Co. built many of their uprights and grands. In fact Baldwin purchased Wurlitzer in 1995. For over 100 years Wurlitzer had built and sold nearly 3 million instruments. These included spinets, consoles, studios and grand pianos. The last serial number on record is 2842220 in 2001. That same year Gibson Guitars bought Wurlitzer. Gibson currently may not be placing the name on their new instruments.

A Piano Tuners Review

I have tuned and repaired many of these pianos over the years and have considered them to be a real work horse. Meaning that they tune well enough with very few problems such as strings breaking during tuning. I actually can remember in 36 years of servicing Wurlitzers that only one string has broken during tuning. As for repairs needed, there were no more than any other brand. Of course all pianos will have normal wear.

Now of course they were always a mid priced instrument, mediocre, but quite dependable. And I mean this in good way. For many years the spinets sold for a new price between $500 and $1000. This made them very affordable for Ma & Pa buying a practice instrument for their child to take music lessons on. And nowadays used Wurlitzer pianos are still an affordable choice.

Especially the spinets. Plus consoles, studios and grands also have been and still are reasonably priced.

Final Note.

If you purchase a piano, new or used, get it tuned. And continue to get it tuned once a year. I promise you, that on a regularly tuned instrument your child will do much better. For a piano tuning in Memphis, TN call 901-827-3609. And I'm not just trying to get your money. That piano really does need tuning. And that's the truth!

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