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Yamaha model P-22.  Oak studio piano, purchased new in 1994, great condition, played very, very little and tuned on January 18, 2011 - $3,000.00 OBO. Germantown, TN

Sorry This Piano Is Sold

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This piano plays and sounds great! The Yamaha p22 was built in Thomaston, Georgia. Height is 45 & 1/2" - Depth is 23 & 3/4"  - Width is 58 & 3/4". The bench is 34" by 14 & 1/2".

Yamaha P22 Studio Piano

A Piano Tuners Review

Yamaha is probably the world's most popular piano. Their resell value is still one of the highest in the piano business. In these tough times for this industry Yamaha has maintained it's high value and popularity above most of it's competitors. How can they do this? Simply by continuing to offer the best level of quality that is possible in the piano business.

Looking into the questionable future of this business, most likely Yamaha will continue to be a leader in the world of quality and popular pianos. What makes a piano so popular? Quality. Dependability. Reasonable pricing. The overall quality of tone and touch are the main things that draw one to this instrument.

Of course case design and finish will also be factors. As for the inside. Well, all of the yamahas tune up very well. This is one reason most tuners choose Yamaha. Plus the fact that they are basically trouble free. Now of course, like anything mechanical, there may occasionally be a repair or two. But not that often.

And, in tuning Yamahas for over 30 years, I have not yet experienced even one broken string while tuning. Very few brands have that kind of track record. Now that's a piano tuners dream!! I really wish that all pianos were as good as Yamaha. I know that many recording studios will agree with me.

Studios sometimes couple Yamaha and Steinway grand pianos, thus offering an artist the two most requested instruments in the music business. In concert, the recording studio or your home a Yamaha piano is undeniably the best choice. Try the p22 and decide for yourself.

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