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Apollo Baby Grand For Sale in Mayfield, Ky SOLD

Apollo, baby grand piano, bench included. Not a Player Piano. Age unknown.

Height: 39", Width: 58", Depth: 5'

* Apollo Baby Grand For Sale in Fishers, In

Brief History of The Apollo Piano Co.

Apollo Piano was a name introduced in 1901 by the Melville Clark Co. They were then located in Grand Haven MI. Later in DeKalb Ill. Wurlitzer bought Apollo in the 1920's. Names used were Art-Apollo and Apollophone. The Apollophone was a player piano that also had a phonograph inside. So basically one could use either a piano roll or a record.

This was especially useful in keeping the music going without any silent time while the roll was rewinding. These are very rare instruments to find nowadays. The idea of placing a record player inside of the case just above the mechanism was probably used by other makers too. But, this idea most likely did not go over well with piano buyers. Why? The higher cost of the instrument was one reason sells may have been lower. And I think this idea was just a gimmick.

Maybe to sell more pianos or just maybe (these are only my thoughts) someone with Melville Clark may have forseen the possibility that the new phonographs (along with radio) would become  major competition for the piano industry in the near future. Which of course did happen. Unfortunately putting a phonograph or radio inside a piano did not do much to save the piano industry from a great loss of sales when the great depression hit America in 1929.

Some of the grands were extremely beautiful and elaborate and were called The Apollo Reproducing Piano. These players were of very high quality. And Apollo boasted that their player piano design was much better than some of the others built at that time. Grand pianos in general were becoming more and more popular

Other names used were Apolloette and Apollogrand. In the 1930's Wurlitzer built many inexpensive non-player Apollo baby grands. They had stopped making Apollo pianos by World War II. The name may also have been used in 1899 in Russia and after WWII by the Toyo company. This Japanese company may be currently using Apollo on some of their instruments. Of course now it's just a name. What I mean is that the original instrument made by Melville Clark was not the same piano that Wurlitzer made and that Toyo may currently make. A piano, yes, but they do not resemble the Apollos from the early 1900's.

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