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Wurlitzer Spinet Pianos For Sale

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Nice Wurlitzer Spinet for Sale in White House, Tn

1969 Wurlitzer French Provincial Spinet Piano for Sale in White House, Tn
This piano made in 1969 was bought brand new from Claude P. Street piano company in Nashville, TN. It is located in White House TN which is around 25 miles from Nashville.

The height is 37 and 1/2 inches, width is 56 inches, depth is 24 inches. Price is $575.

Please call Shirley at 615-519-7911

The Wurlitzer Piano Co. started building spinets in the mid 1930's. They built well over 1,000,000 spinets before production finally stopped around 2001, which actually marked the end of all spinet making.

The Wurlitzer name was, and still is quite popular. These spinets were sold new in a mid price range under $1000 for many years. But by the 1990's inflation had caused an increase in price to around $3400.

The market would not bear such a high price for a spinet and so that ended their production. The large numbers that were made means there is quite often Wurlitzers for sale in nearly all cities in the US possibly every week.

While these instruments may not be the quality of a Baldwin or Steinway, they are of good mid grade construction and are very dependable and easily tuned and repaired by a qualified piano tuner. These elements should give your child an enjoyable practice piano.

Get it tuned once a year. With regular service there are very few people who will be able to tell the difference between your Wurlitzer spinet piano and a Baldwin or Steinway.

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