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Cheap Keyboard Pianos
Find an inexpensive piano keyboard for your musical needs! Yamaha, Roland, Korg and many others. Electronic keyboards are better than ever. They sound better and last longer. These electric pianos have lots of sound to enjoy. Shop for piano keyboards on sale now!
Spectrum 54 Note Electronic Keyboard
Yamaha YPT-230 61-Key Portable Keyboard
Yamaha NP30 76-Key Portable Grand Piano
Korg 61-Key Compact Digital Piano
Casio WK-500 76-Keys
Casio CTK-2100 Keyboard Package
Piano keyboards, or more accurately electronic keyboards, have become more popular than ever. An electronic keyboard is lite weight and sounds better than they used to. Digital technology has come a long way since the first digital keyboards came out in the early 1980's.

Before that electric pianos (keyboards) were quite heavy and usually had some type of mechanical action. Digital electronic pianos (keyboards) have no action. This is one fact that makes them much lighter in weight.

I'm sure that by now you have figured out that the terms digital electronic keyboard, digital keyboard, electronic keyboard, digital piano, piano keyboard and even just the word digital can be used to describe a keyboard.

Now of course the keys on a piano or organ are referred to as a keyboard. And a piano is usually called a piano. Not a keyboard. Many pipe and electric organs have 2 or 3 keyboards called manuals. These instruments are not cheap. But some new keyboards are cheap.

This fact is the main reason why so many people buy them. This low cost availablity is why sometimes a piano keyboard is used for piano lessons instead of a real piano. They have became an alternative to buying a piano. Pianos are very expensive, very heavy and hard to move.

Although many people believe that a real piano is much better for piano students than a keyboard. Cheap or expensive. This may only be true if the piano is a good one (not cheaply made) and is tuned once a year.

More expensive electric pianos play and sound almost as good as some real ones. Yamaha and Roland digital pianos are especially good. Even some of the low to mid priced ones are better than they used to be.

Korg is good and even Casios do a decent job.

As for what is the best musical keyboard for beginners, most teachers would say to get one that has 88 keys and spend as much as you can. The ones with eighty eight notes start in price at about $300 to $400.

It is best not to get the cheapest board. This means that you should plan to spend at least 5 to 7 hundred. Most keyboards in that price range will play much better than the cheaper ones with less keys costing $100 to $300.

Of course if one can't afford the higher priced electronic instrument then a cheap one will have to do. But if you do get a 54 to 61 key digital then expect to replace it later with an 88 note keyboard if your child advances past the early beginner stage.

Failure to do this may cause them to want to quit lessons simply because there would not be enough keys on their instrument in order for them to play and learn the music in their piano book.

Now another thing instructors are concerned about is the damper pedal. Another words be sure to purchase one. Very few keyboards at the lower prices will come with a damper pedal. Even the more costly ones may not come with a pedal. So be sure to look for one under the heading of keyboard accessories. They don't cost that much.

And keep in mind that a $100 board may not even be equiped with a pedal input.

Find piano keyboards on sale in Memphis, TN Nashville and other cities.

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