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Can You Use Keyboards For Piano Practice?

Short answer. Yes you can. Now for the longer answer.

Almost any keyboard can be used to practice on. And it depends on how critical you are about the touch and quality of sound. Any keyboard under $150 will not feel or sound like a real piano. And most likely will not be touch sensitive. The ones costing $200 to $500 will be a little better, and may have some touch.

The $500 to $900 priced boards will be even better. And the ones $1500 and up are fantastic. Depending on the brand the high priced ones may be a matter of personal preference. If whether or not it responds like a real piano is not an issue, than maybe a cheaper keyboard is just fine.

If you are choosing a board for your child, I realize that your choice may be based on price and what is the best choice. So now the issue is how many keys is best. 54 to 61 is the least number of keys acceptable. Although bear in mind that some of todays teaching methods for beginners have them play a few notes low in the bass or high in the treble just to acquaint them early on with the full keyboard of the piano.

In case you don't know, a piano normally has 88 notes. And most teachers say it's neccessary to have 88 keys because practically all instructors are thinking in terms of taking your child to the highest level. Although I have encountered some parents who don't want their kid to advance to a higher level. At least when it comes to piano lessons. Sports yes. Go figure!!

So if all you and your child what is to just have a little fun and learn a couple of your favorite tunes then by all means get the cheapest electric keyboard piano available. But first make sure it has the number of notes that you need in order to play those tunes. If you can.

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