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Product Features

SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine
New E. Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology
Innovative Sound Focus feature ensures that every note will be heard in the mix without compressing or coloring the sound
New Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement
Intuitive U/I: new One Touch Piano feature and graphic LCD


Roland Rd-300GX Digital Piano Review - (RD-300NX Also)

The Roland RD-300GX Digital Piano in my opinion is one fantastic digital piano. This is also true of the new RD-300NX. I'm sure that there are those who might disagree. Unless they have actually played the Roland Rd-300GX or NX. I doubt that any piano or keyboard player could not appreciate this electronic keyboard. The touch on this digital board is better than any other I've ever played.

As for the piano sound, I think it's also better. Although nowdays it's hard to really determine which company has a better piano sound. But to me the RD-300GX truely has a more realistic piano sound. And of course there are a lot more instruments and sounds contained in the Roland digital than just piano sounds. And they are all great!

But back to the acoustic piano sound. I recommend this instrument to all teachers that have to use a digital keyboard. Afterall it's just a wonderful playing experience, why not use the rd-300gx. I'm sure that any teacher and other musicians after playing and hearing this instrument would say, "SOLD". Gotta have it! Of course you will need external speakers.

Something small, compact and light-weight is a good idea. I suggest the Yamaha HS50M 5" powered studio monitor speakers. You can use two of these since the rd300 has left and right outputs. And if more power is needed then get the larger HS80 8" speakers. As with all electric keyboards you may have to EQ your board and speakers to the room.

Although once it's set the way you like it, sometimes it's possible to just leave that setting for all rooms that you play in. Most of the time that's what I do. And the Roland RD 300-GX digital piano has onboard user friendly tonal adjustments. So, between those and the EQ on the Yamaha monitors or what ever external system that you use it's usually very easy to get a great piano sound out of the Roland.

Again I'm quite sure that just about everyone will be happy with this roland keyboard. Teachers, pro and amateur musicians, and students.

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